The selection of materials and colours dominates the look and feel of a certain space. By applying a variety of textures such as rough, smooth, hard, soft, tough or supple, you enhance comfortable living in a style that suits you. I work with a wide range of natural materials. Fabrics like hemp, linen, cotton, wool, burlap and combinations of these can be found in curtains, furniture and bedclothes.

In terms of wallcoverings, there is an assortment of ecological wallpaper and paints. Possibilities exist for traditional plaster techniques based on chalk, hemp or loam. Felt can also look very nice on a wall. Many materials that make suitable flooring, such as cork, wood and natural stone, can also be used to cover the walls.

For the treatment of wooden floors, many natural finishes are available that will nourish the wood using oil or soap and give it a beautiful radiance.