Eco-ethical aesthetics

With Healthy Homes, I bring together sheltered workshops, local professionals and Dutch designers. This way, knowledge is shared and collaboration is encouraged. I assume products have been traded fairly, but I will always critically look at the story behind the story. A quality mark doesn’t always tell the whole story. Sadly. My critical eye and good sense of interior design combined with including the various interested parties makes the entire process eco-ethically aesthetic.

Wabi Sabi

I define my style as ‘the new perfection’. This is aimed at the combination of typically Dutch level-headedness with the Japanese Wabi Sabi philosophy. This philosophy highlights the inherent charm of imperfection when something has been made by hand or has ‘lived’.

I make no concessions to colours and style. I will put a vintage, tomato-coloured sofa in front of a turquoise plastered wall just as easily as the old heirloom in a serenely cool bedroom. Upside-down watering cans function perfectly as lamps above the kitchen table and a wooden lamp will fit nicely in a modern office or classical interior. The demand determines the design. Then, I will further develop the design for you.