In this day and age of becoming aware of the environment and our health, we can’t escape the fact that we have to manage our natural resources differently. This calls for a closer look at our own habits and the way we consume.

The materials and products I use are produced through cleaner and efficient production processes. I prefer to work with local producers and designers that I know to be ‘green’ as well. I also want to encourage the skills of  ‘forgotten’ craftsmanship and share knowledge about traditional and eco-ethical methods and materials.

Better for the environment

Were you shocked by your energy bill? Or by the all-devouring and polluting energy processes that are involved in manufacturing many of our household goods? My advice is that before you decide to convert to various kinds of energy efficient appliances and insulation material (which can harm the environment), you first seriously consider alternative solutions.
Is it possible to hang thick curtains during winter or to use indoor shutters for insulation? A rug on the floor works wonders for fighting the cold. And so does keeping a warm woolly blanket or cardie within reach... Insulate your home just as you do yourself. Follow the seasons and keep the summer and winter coat principle in mind.

Better for your health

Everybody is a natural and biological being by origin. A sterile living environment or unnatural influences can greatly upset the natural balance.

Comforting colours and friendly materials have a positive effect on your overall wellness as well as that of others. Seemingly innocent fabrics, carpets, furniture stuffing, MDF, paint and glue keep on giving off harmful substances, even without us realising it. That’s no man overboard: a healthy and strong body can carry off these substances reasonably well. But growing children and people with a weak immune system or allergies have more difficulties in breaking down these substances. This could potentially lead to (chronic) illnesses or other vague symptoms.

Do you want to know more about toxic substances? Read the book ‘The allergy-free home’ by Vittoria D’allesio.